Our vision is to enable a better way of living

Our vision is to enable a better way of living by providing the latest full fibre technology and innovation to mid-sized towns and rural areas. But most importantly, we ensure that our core values of Innovation, Passion, Reliability and Trust are foremost, as we make our goals a reality for the communities we work within.

F&W are passionate about empowering individuals to transform their technology on fast, reliable, full-fibre networks, that allow people to stay connected at all times. No dropouts, no buffering and most importantly no stress and disappointment.

With more people than ever now working at home, children being online savvy and families staying connected with face-to-face online platforms; full-fibre reliability is essential for modern day living and working.

Innovation, Passion, Reliability and Trust

Improve today’s quality of living

As we work towards the Government’s goal of a full fibre country by 2025, F&W is deploying advanced telecom services and the best broadband connections available in the market.  Our full-fibre broadband (FTTP – Fibre to the Premises) is town by town, and village by village, removing the stress of using dated copper networks to improve today’s quality of life.

Our experienced teams have been deploying FTTP across the world for over ten years and our passion for excellence starts from the bottom up.  We are proud to claim that our company values and reliability runs across all we do; from full fibre installation through to the superior service by our customer support teams.

Company values


We truly believe that change will only happen if we are innovative on both our technology and our techniques when deploying full-fibre solutions. Our team works continuously on innovative, out-of-the box ideas to make a difference.


We are passionate about what we do and we are enthusiastic about every project we develop. Only in this way we can bring the best of our capabilities and ideas to deliver successfully optimal projects.


All our deployments are totally reliable. Our engineers have vast experience and our planning team use the best market practices for a highly successful delivery.


We work together with our customers to understand their needs so we can provide the best solution. Trust is one of our pilars, and it is present from the initial project ideas to the design and project delivery. We monitor every stage of the project to ensure our high standards are met consistently.