We specialise in full fibre infrastructures

Working to complement the provision of national operators; F&W’s deployment of end-to-end Full Fibre networks for broadband providers, centres around areas with no full-fibre infrastructure.

Offering up to 10Gbps symmetric connections as standard, with the option of additional bandwidth capability if required, our provision also includes Fixed Wireless Access. Offering FWA radio links to cover difficult locations, we can install speedy wireless alternatives to those hard to reach areas.

In addition, F&W offers 10/100Gbps core links and co-location for multiple sites across the UK, enabling retail service providers to have a low-cost entry point for broadband services.

And, as a mobile virtual network enabler, F&W operates a MVNE stack, connected to EE and Three UK, to deliver out-of-the-box mobile services at competitive prices.

From the design phase through to planning and deployment, our highly experienced teams ensure all legal requirements are met and full safety measures for employees, and users, are in place for each stage.

Advantages of full fibre

50x faster

We truly believe that change will only happen if we are innovative with both our technology and our techniques when deploying full-fibre solutions. Our team works continuously on innovative, out-of-the box ideas to make a difference.


We are passionate about what we do and we are enthusiastic about every project we develop. Only in this way we can bring the best of our capabilities and ideas to deliver successfully optimal projects.

Low energy consumption

All our deployments are totally reliable. Our engineers have vast experience and our planning team use the best market practices for a highly successful delivery.

Future proof technology

We always work together with our customers to understand their needs. This way, we can always provide them with the best bespoke solution.

Cost efficiencies

Broadband, Cloud-based systems, TV, security, and smart services can all run off one seamless network, enabling reduced maintenance and operational costs.

We work to complement the infrastructure of national operators, with the aim to provide full fibre access to 100% of premises in the UK


100+Mbps* FWA Internet

With an increase in people working from home and many businesses now choosing a more rural location, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) provides wireless internet connectivity. Without the need for fibre and cables to be laid, FWA delivers cost effective broadband services to the premises.

*Speed of service is dependent upon the distance from base station site and any inclement weather conditions.

Dark Fibre

For a business that requires a scalable, reliable and secure connection, Dark Fibre connectivity fits. Dark Fibre refers to a full-fibre system that is laid, but not activated by the supplier. The individual business provides the transmission equipment suitable for their needs, and decides the bandwidth requirements for their network and customers.

Dark Fibre networks allow for the extension of an existing network, and can minimise costs associated with upgrading or installing a new network. F&W’s Dark Fibre networks enable sole use unlimited scalability, accommodate unlimited bandwidth and provides 100% self-managed security.

Corporate Connectivity

The reliability of an online network to ensure staff, customers and suppliers are connected at all times, is key. With mega fast speeds and unrivaled reliability, F&W Networks provide advanced connectivity services for business; driving communication confidence and enabling increased business productivity.

Using the latest Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) techniques to manage IP full-routing services; the shortest telecommunications network path for data to travel is identified. This results in a more reliable and significantly faster flow of data, from source to final destination.

Corporate Mobile Services

Many businesses now view VoIP as their primary telephony system. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a voice communication and multimedia service which converts the voice into digital sound, enabling it to be delivered via the internet.

Calls may be made directly from a computer, mobile, VoIP phone or any other data driven device; providing total flexibility and connectivity, whether in the office or out on the road.

Additional Services

Telephone Service

Using the latest technology to provide a classical service, F&W’s landline service uses VoIP technology to offer all of the core landline services with a wealth of additional benefits too.

Mobile Voice & Data

Using a combination of local access wireless technology and fixed broadband services, we provide seamless voice and data packages for offices, homes and in the field communication.

Up to 10Gbps Internet

Providing up to 10Gbps speed to both download and upload data, our full-fibre networks offer a symmetric connection to ensure a constant speed and total reliability at all times.