Our services

Wholesale offer

F&W deploys Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and 5G radio systems for broadband providers aiming to complement the deployment of national operators in areas where there is no full-fibre infrastructure.

Our access network can offer up to 10Gbps symmetric connections and we can also deploy radio links to cover difficult areas or in case a quick deployment is required.

We can also offer 10/100Gbps core links and collocation in multiple locations across the UK so retail service providers have a low-cost entry point to deliver broadband services..

F&W operates a MVNE stack connected to EE and ThreeUK that provides mobile services out-of-the-box and at very competitive prices.

End-user corporate services 

Corporate connectivity

Advanced connectivity services for businesses. 1Gbps/10Gbps and MPLS / IP full-routing

100+Mbps* FWA Internet

Fixed Wireless access in those locations where FTTP is still not available. *depending on distance and weather conditions

Corporate mobile voice services

Landline service using VoIP technologies. The latest technology for a classical service.

What else do we provide?

Telephone service

Landline service using VoIP technologies. The latest technology for a classical service.

Mobile voice and data

Wholesale 4G unlimited call plan and multiple data plans. FW enables fixed-mobile convergence

1Gbps Internet

Full-fibre 1Gbps symmetric Internet service. One service, full speed.

Our Partners


Hey!Broadband is a full-fibre retail service provider. 

Hey!B offers symmetrical speeds of up to 1000Mbps.  This premium broadband provider focuses on medium/small cities and residential areas in the UK, which do not currently have full-fibre coveragewhile offering an A-level customer experience. 


At F&W we work with the vision of empowering society towards a better way of living with innovation and technology as the main tools. 

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in mid-sized towns and rural areas in the UK by providing them with advanced telecom services and the best broadband connection available in the market: full-fibre broadband (FTTP: Fibre to the Premises). 

F&W works with the purpose of becoming an FTTP market reference in order to achieve the objective of the Government for a full-fibre country by 2025. F&W open access model allows asset value maximisation  

The management team has wide experience in telecoms and have been deploying FTTP across the world for more than ten years. 



We truly believe that change will only happen if we are innovative on both our technology and our techniques when deploying full-fibre solutions. Our team works continuously on innovative, out-of-the box ideas to make a difference that can add value to our proposals.


We are passionate about what we do and we are enthusiastic about every project we develop. Only in this way we can bring the best of our capabilities and ideas to deliver successfully optimal projects.


All our deployments are totally reliable. Our engineers have vast experience and our planning team use the best market practices for a highly successful delivery. Our quality assurance procedures minimises that any issue affects our customers..


We always work together with our customers to understand their needs. This way, we can always provide them with the best bespoke solution.


F&W Networks’s main investor is Maestro Capital, a London-based management company specialized in developing telecom and IT projects, with special focus on fibre deployments, mobile services and advanced corporate connectivity projects.
Maestro Capital has a wide network of partners that capture any funding or business opportunity in order to bring concepts to realities.
From the business conception to its implementation, Maestro Capital helps entrepreneurs and companies to fund their project.

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