Delivering faster, better broadband

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Delivering faster, better broadband

We've built a reliable full-fibre broadband network across the South of England.

Currently, most homes in the UK have either a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), which is copper only or a hybrid internet connection consisting of fibre and copper lines. Many of these copper lines are dated resulting in a poor connection from the exchange to your home and are no longer suitable for current or future technology. F&W Networks builds full fibre networks to your property boundary, giving you access to broadband speeds of 1000mbps.

Our fast and reliable open access FTTP network across the UK is designed to accelerate the UK’s transition to full fibre and enable communities to fully benefit from technology designed for the future.

Full fibre advantages

Reliability, with no dropouts or buffering

Speeds up to 20x faster than traditional broadband (Ofcom, 2021)

Improved efficiency and productivity

Future-ready technology

Added value to your property

Powerful connectivity to handle multiple devices