We enable future-ready properties

Solutions for Landlords

We enable future-ready properties

Attract and retain tenants with a reliable full-fibre connection.

Today, broadband access is a must-have for both residential and commercial tenants, so as a landlord, it's essential to offer a fast and reliable digital connection to attract and retain tenants.

We’re building full-fibre networks across the South of England so you can connect your properties to a network that's ready for the future.

Full-fibre benefits for landlords

An increased value of your property

Attract and retain long-term tenants with future-ready connectivity

ISO accredited installations

Get in touch to ensure your properties are future-ready

How we install full-fibre broadband to your properties

You can have rest of mind knowing what your tenants’ journey will be when our engineers come to install new broadband to your property/building

Our engineers always follow the latest health and safety procedures on-site

We keep disruptions to a minimum as we run our fibre optic cables through existing ducts or pipes underground, or overhead to street cabinets and then to your building

We install a cable on or in your building to connect a splitter box which distributes the fibre connection around the building. This splitter box doesn’t need power and is reinforced for protection.

Depending on your building layout, we’ll run cables just outside each home. These cables will either be installed just outside the building or inside.

The area is then tidied up and our engineers are done

How to connect your building to our network

Request a property survey

We plan the roll out

We build our network

Full-Fibre benefits for tenants

Full-Fibre benefits for tenants

• Fast, reliable broadband with speeds of up to 1000Mbps
• A network that can handle multiple devices and users online at once
• Choice of great broadband providers, including Hey!Broadband, Octaplus and Zybre

Connecting your property is simple


We ask you to sign a Wayleave Agreement, giving us consent to install full-fibre at your property.


We conduct a survey and work with you to develop the best installation plan.


Once everything is agreed upon, we install full-fibre at your property.


When the network is live, your tenants can choose from a range of great broadband providers.