Desirable properties with full-fibre connectivity

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Desirable properties with full-fibre connectivity

We are building a fast and reliable digital infrastructure platform for communities in the South of England. Our extensive open-access full-fibre networks are designed and built from scratch and are available for all internet service providers to access. We use state-of-the-art fibre exchanges that have the capacity to transport vast amounts of data at gigabit speeds. Connecting your buildings to our full-fibre network will future-ready your properties and deliver access to world-class digital technology to your tenants.

Delivering our gigafast, reliable bandwidth demanded by the multiple devices within UK homes, we ensure that the expected and required network infrastructure is in place when home buyers consider purchasing or relocating. In addition, for new-build properties, a capable fibre infrastructure increases the saleability and value of the property.

We work with private estates to provide full-fibre infrastructure. Our solutions include cost and management plans tailored to suit each estate's needs and a range of additional services. Access to fast and reliable full-fibre broadband enables the use of smart buildings and advanced monitoring technologies that can reduce your management costs, improve property efficiency, and keep residents safe.

Currently, only a small number of UK properties have access to full-fibre. Partnering with F&W Networks will ensure your properties are ready for future technology.

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