14th February 2024

F&W Networks brings full fibre connectivity to 410,000 homes, delivering immediate benefits

F&W Networks Ltd, the full fibre network infrastructure company, continues to increase its rollout, with more than 410,000 homes and premises passed with access to full fibre connectivity. The company’s ready-for-service (RFS) status is advancing rapidly, reflecting its dedicated focus on conversion, while remaining committed to the government’s broader objectives to provide access to full fibre services to 85% of the UK by 2026.

José Luis San Martín, Chief Executive Officer at F&W Networks, said: “We’re working to rapidly convert passed properties to RFS with our renewed focus on customer take-up and we’ll continue to work with all our partners to ensure more businesses and homes understand and enjoy the benefits of full-fibre connectivity.”

F&W Networks has enjoyed a period of exceptional growth, adding close to 200,000 premises in 2023, building on a fourfold increase in 2022. It’s now firmly established as a significant network provider, offering superb infrastructure options to ISP partners as well as highly competitive end-user offerings via its retail arm, Hey!Broadband in more than 30 locations.

Hey!Broadband has experienced significant service adoption in Horsham, High Wycombe, Crawley, Southall, Ealing, and the Oxfordshire region, with upcoming focus in East Grinstead, Redhill and Cranleigh.

Businesses and homes in these areas can enjoy the transformative benefits of full-fibre connectivity immediately, well ahead of the Government’s target schedule and rival options.