17th May 2023

F&W Networks brings full fibre connectivity to a third of a million homes

F&W Networks Ltd, the full fibre network infrastructure company, has significantly accelerated its rollout, with more than 335,000 homes and premises passed with access to full fibre connectivity.  That total is well on target for the company’s goal of a million premises by 2025.

F&W Networks’ footprint quadrupled in 2022, with rollouts underway in over 38 areas in Southern England. By the end of the 2022, the infrastructure builder had passed over 230,000 premises, enabling many customers within these areas to receive service immediately.

Through its retail arm Hey!Broadband, F&W Networks continues to increase its take-up on the network and has added 5 ISPs under its wholesale proposition with more looking to connect throughout 2023.

F&W Networks has completed its primary build plans in 12 of its initial locations and will continue to expand its regional footprint in the following counties: Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex, and West Berkshire.

José Luis San Martín, Chief Executive Officer at F&W Networks, said: “We’re excited at the huge progress we’ve made over the course of last year. The third of a million homes that we have built to date shows that we are set to achieve our goal of one million homes passed by 2025, and will continue to focus on scaling our partnerships, operations, and efficiencies.”