What is the BDUK Voucher Scheme?

The development of a new full-fibre network in rural areas, known as the UK Gigabit Voucher Scheme, is being supported by Building Digital UK (BDUK). The UK Gigabit Voucher Scheme helps fund some of the substantial build costs so we can bring you this new ultrafast broadband technology.

If your home is eligible for a voucher under the scheme, you will receive an email from BDUK requesting approval for you to pledge your voucher to F&W Networks. If you receive an email, you must approve this, as it enables us to bring full-fibre to your property.

Not all homes are eligible for a rural Gigabit Voucher. Only eligible homes will receive an email requesting approval to pledge a voucher. The vouchers are free, but UK Government terms and conditions apply.

Please note that these vouchers are only redeemable by a network provider and approved by BDUK as part of a funding application submitted by F&W Networks.

Vouchers can only be claimed by a network provider once services have gone live.